Tucson Weekly Science Edition

                This issue of Tucson Weekly is another project I coordinated with both Prof. Carol Schwalbe, the University of Arizona School of Journalism director of graduate studies, and students from her graduate reporting and science journalism courses at the journalism school. I acted as a coordinator and secondary editor, facilitating the selection of stories, working with the photographer for which stories to photograph, and working with Carol and Dan Gibson, the Tucson WeeklyRead more

Manzo Elementary School – Tucson Weekly

This project was a freelance story written by Robert Alcaraz for Tucson Weekly.┬áThe story follows a budding new partnership between Manzo Elementary School in Barrio Hollywood and the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2. Manzo is a small bilingual community school in one of the poorest communities in country has, of late, become a poster child for hands-on, project-based learning thanks to their counselor Moses Thompson who has pushed a nationally recognized ecology program. Robert’s story talks about how Manzo hasRead more

Beyond the Border: Immigration Series

Tucson Weekly’s Beyond the Border Beyond the Border is a semester-long international and cross-cultural student reporting project developed by Dr. Celeste Gonz├ílez de Bustamante, from the University of Arizona School of Journalism, and Prof. Yvonne Latty, from the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University. The project paired students from the journalism schools to work on immigration stories in Arizona and in New York. My role for the project was as the project administrator and I also supervisedRead more