Network 9: Photography Magazine

Network 9 is a student publication from a Magazine Photojournalism class taught by Prof. Carol Schwalbe, director of graduate studies for the UA School of Journalism and retired National Geographic Magazine senior editor, which I assisted with. The class of nine students was one of the more advanced mix of students in the class, with a mix of undergraduate, accelerated masters students and graduate students. The idea of the magazine was to showcase some of the best work the students photographedRead more

Bio View: A Science Magazine

The Bio View magazine was a special project produced out of the Science Journalism class taught by Prof. Carol Schwalbe, the director of graduate studies with the UA School of Journalism. The magazine collects some of the best work from the students in the class. Many of whom were first-time journalism students, while others were science students who were taking the cross-listed class. I designed and selected all the art for the magazine. Bio View PDFRead more