Alumni Networking and Visits

I am a firm believer of building communities to be able to generate a happier, more complete self. At a university setting, one of the best ways of doing so, and also a great way for future planning, is reaching out to alumni and fostering relationships between current students, faculty, staff with alumni everywhere. In journalism, for example, I have worked as a one-on-one coach for current and recently graduated students. For those students who have taken me on, andRead more

Wildlife Photography Workshop

The Reid Park Zoo offers a marvelous backstage tour for groups who want to take an educational trip behind-the-scenes at the park. For this particular wildlife photography workshop, I took a group of students from the science journalism class for the tour. I worked closely with Prof. Carol Schwalbe to receive a grant to make the visit, and then coordinated with the students and the zoo for a time and date.Read more

Photography and Video Workshops

  In the past few years, I have also worked as a consultant and as a graduate assistant to Prof. Carol Schwalbe in her advanced multimedia storytelling, magazine photography, and science journalism classes. My main duties included conceptualizing, developing, executing and facilitating visual-storytelling workshops. These included inviting speakers into the classroom and onto the field to help students refine their visual skills. In this image, Rogelio Garcia, (not pictured) a veteran documentarian and former news photographer from local news andRead more

Dow Jones News Fund Diversity Workshop

For several years, I served as a co-director and director of the Dow Jones News Fund Diversity in Journalism Workshop hosted at the University of Arizona. Part of my duties included recruitment, fundraising, hiring staff, coordinating speakers and workshops, and also developing a curriculum. The last time I directed the program was in 2012, when I was asked to step in because the previous director, the one who replaced me, was out with an illness. For this program, the focusRead more