Mexican Grey Wolf reintroduction in Arizona

After being largely eliminated in the Southwest region of the United States, Mexican Grey Wolves have begun to thrive. But tensions are brewing with the ranching community.Read more


New York Times Journalism Institute

  The New York Times Journalism Institute was held twice-a-year, alternating Januaries were spent at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Ariz., and Florida International University in Miami, Fl. As a member of the Tucson institute faculty, I was served as a technology liaison between the UA’s technical support team and the Times staff, I also served as a mentor on the web, multimedia, photo, and design desks. In 2012, one of my duties as a local institute staffer, IRead more

Biosphere 2: A Model City for Sustainability (Audio included)

This was a freelance piece about the Model City sustainability project at Biosphere 2, for Tucson Weekly. Like a city out of science fiction, Biosphere 2’s spaceship-like campus is a testing site for new solar technology. In the coming months, photovoltaic panels for collecting solar energy will line the hills surrounding Biosphere 2 like a ring of power-generating armor. This is just part of a project led by Nathan Allen, sustainability coordinator and staff scientist, to turn the campus intoRead more

Dralion Comes to Tucson

This piece is another freelance piece for Tucson Weekly. “Dralion,” one of Cirque du Soleil’s myriad of traveling shows made a stop into Tucson, Ariz. For this video, I served as video producer, so I made the plans for the story, set up the interviews, conducted the interviews and helped edit the story, while Rogelio Garcia, an adjunct instructor with the school of journalism, did the video and editing. For my review and photos, click here and here, for behind the scenesRead more

The Cosmic Collector

This is a project that I produced with a former student whom I have mentored over the years, including  now as he works as a professional photojournalist with the Long Beach Register, a community sister paper for the larger Orange County Register.  For this project, I was the producer, so I facilitated the interview, did the actual interview, and then helped Josh organize and edit the story. Josh served as the videographer. Josh, my former student, and I received an award for thisRead more